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Join the boys in Neo-Tokyo, as they take you on a journey to distant 2019 and review one of the most important Anime of all time, AKIRA! Only on the ALAN SMITHEE FILM REVIEW!

2 replies on “Akira”

After listening to this, I keep thinking about SHIN GODZILLA. That’s my first recommendation.

Loved this episode by the way!! Damn, it makes me want to watch this again. I haven’t seen it in well over ten years, ever since it got redubbed.

~Aaron, your new fan, and the dude that lent Ben the VHS copy.

Thanks, Aaron! Appreciate the feedback. We will certainly consider Shin Godzilla for a future review! FYI, we also welcome guest hosts to our podcasts, on occasion – interested?
Yes, Akira is one of those films I’d take with me to a desert island – how about you??
– Ben

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