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Jojo Rabbit

Enjoy a boy’s journey with his imaginary friend as he struggles with coming to terms discovering your heroes may not be all they’re cracked up to be, and the villains might not actually be that bad. The only way to make sense of that effed up sentence is to listen to the Alan Smithee Film Review!

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Ford v Ferrari

Are Matt Damon and Christian Bale man enough to pretend to be Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles? Who even are these people? Join special guest host Tim and find out on this episode of the ALAN SMITHEE FILM REVIEW!

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Spirited Away

It’s time for another Studio Ghibli retro review, this time featuring Ben’s first viewing of this Oscar-winning animated masterpiece. Gee, I wonder what the score will be on this weeks ALAN SMITHEE FILM REVIEW!

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Terminator: Dark Fate

COME WITH US IF YOU WANT TO LIVE! I mean see an alternate timeline where a Terminator sequel is actually not bad! ONLY ON THE ALAN SMITHEE FILM REVIEW!