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Posts published in June 2018

Beyond Skyline

Once upon a time, there was a television channel called the SciFi Network. On this channel, you could view some of the trashiest pulp garbage that a young mind could ever want. Beyond Skyline, starring Frank Grillo, is a return to those halcyon days.

This is what happens when a director gets some money to play with, and technology democratizes previously unreachable special effects. Basically reading like a Halo fan fiction with a little bit of Body Snatchers thrown in, Beyond Skyline wastes no expense bringing Battle for Los Angeles graphics to a story written by someone who was once told what a story was, and acted by people who are only tangentially familiar with the concept of acting.

This movie is what would happen if a Fifth Grade assembly play were given a special effects budget.

Geostorm may have shown us just how good truly bad can be, but Beyond Skyline will make you long for the acting chops of Kevin Sorbo in Andromeda. I’m glad to see there’s an interest in every day science fiction, but you should definitely go knocking on all of the other available doors first.

Damien gives this a ONE – RUN AWAY SCREAMING.