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Join the boys in Neo-Tokyo, as they take you on a journey to distant 2019 and review one of the most important Anime of all time, AKIRA! Only on the ALAN SMITHEE FILM REVIEW!


  1. Aaron Gregory Aaron Gregory June 26, 2020

    After listening to this, I keep thinking about SHIN GODZILLA. That’s my first recommendation.

    Loved this episode by the way!! Damn, it makes me want to watch this again. I haven’t seen it in well over ten years, ever since it got redubbed.

    ~Aaron, your new fan, and the dude that lent Ben the VHS copy.

    • Ben Hunt Ben Hunt July 21, 2020

      Thanks, Aaron! Appreciate the feedback. We will certainly consider Shin Godzilla for a future review! FYI, we also welcome guest hosts to our podcasts, on occasion – interested?
      Yes, Akira is one of those films I’d take with me to a desert island – how about you??
      – Ben

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